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Moulding Department

New Era Custom Design is proud to announce its new moulding department.  Our moulding department exclusively utilizes Weinig machinery and tooling. 

About Our Moulder

The Unitmat 500

New Era operates Weinig Moulders and equipment from top to bottom.  Weinig is a manufacturing leader of moulders and moulding technology.  Our Weinig Unimat 500 is certified up to a 6,000 rpm operational head speed.  Variable head speeds ensure a cleaner profile with less sanding and prep-time for finishing.  The moulder’s machine frame is made from vibration-absorbing heavy cast iron.  This allows for straighter runs that reduce chatter and mill marks, producing the highest quality mouldings possible.  

Highlighted Capabilities

The Unimat 500 is capable of manufacturing moulding profiles up to 9” wide.  Wider mouldings allow for a totally unique profile to fit the customer’s needs. 

Our Weinig Rondamat 960 Grinding System and CNC template processing capabilities ensure your profiles are accurate and precise every time.   

While most companies require minimum order quantities, New Era will fill any size order.  We believe in a consumer friendly approach to our products and services.

Additional Services

Is Your Finishing Department Bogged Down?

New Era offers additional services for our custom moulding product line.  Our finishing department can perform any of the following value added services:

  • stain to match existing (pre stained)
  • pre-primed
  • pre-sanded

These additional services are provided to our clients to help mitigate the stress and costs of maintaining an in-house finishing department.

All products are available for pick up or delivery. 





Unimat 500 and Rip Saw

R960 Grinding System


Spray Booth

Spray Booth